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May 23, 2012

Woodman Point Sunset 2nd Edition

I posted a shot of Woodman Point quite a while ago and I thought it was awesome. Somehow I overlooked this one which I think is heaps better so I thought why not post it, so here it is.

May 1, 2012

Green Head Coast

Last Easter we went up to a place called Green Head with my cousins and our families had a great time. I’d forgotten about the few photos that I’d taken and I just found this so I thought I’d show you all.

There’s not much there really to do or to take photos of but I think this one came up alright.


April 24, 2012

Another shot from Matilda Bay

This is another shot from Matilda Bay. I wanted to get something in the foreground but there isn’t a lot to choose from so I decided to try it out with one of the trees on the foreshore. I think it turned out pretty good.

Let me know what you think.

April 23, 2012

Cottesloe Silhouette

This photo was taken at the top of the groin on the left side of Cottesloe Beach Perth WA. I was looking at all of the guys on their stand up paddle boards thinking “how do they do that?” It always amazes me, they must have really good balance. Anyway while I was having a look this image struck me so here it is. I like how you can see all the ships on the horizon, they look so tiny but really they are huge.

Hope you enjoy.

April 20, 2012

Bennion Beach WA

I decided to head out today as I haven’t been out and done any new landscapes for a while. The clouds were looking alright so I thought I’d get a half descent sunset but no, it was a shocker. Anyway I decided to stay and have a crack and this is one of the shots that I got, I think it’s turned out pretty good.

Let me know what you think?

April 17, 2012

Woodman Point Sunset

This photo was taken down at the beach that’s not far from where I live. I just knew it was going to be an amazing sunset and when I got there it didn’t disappoint. It was so bright and intense I thought it was amazing.

I love the beach so much, when I go there it’s just so peaceful and relaxing. How can you not feel great when you’ve got fresh air, the sounds of waves crashing and beautiful sunsets like this.

What do you think? Do you like the beach too?

April 15, 2012

Halls Head Drama

I took this shot while I was out with the fab Jamie Patterson. I had a great time out shooting with him. It was one of my first shoots with someone else and it was also my first bulb shot. I think it came up great and I know it’s pretty dark but I just like it.

What do you guys think?


July 22, 2011

Canal Rocks Jetty

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This is a shot I took a a few months ago when I went to Dunsborough yet again. I love it down there, I could just keep going down there and shoot photo after photo, it’s insane. Anyway when I first started shooting landscapes I took a shot of this jetty and it wasn’t very good so I wanted to have another go and I think it turned out pretty nice.

July 17, 2011

Sunset at Woodman Point

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Ok so I haven’t posted anything in way too long so I decided that I’d better get my act together and start posting some shots. I decided that  instead of second guessing myself and leaving everything sitting there waiting until I think it’s perfect I’m just going to get over it and just post it already.

I have been trying to look at things differently lately after going out with Marky Mark and Adrian because I find that I was always looking at the whole scene instead of sometimes looking at sections of the scene instead, or even doing macro. It’s been fun looking at things differently.

I had a go at this shot because even though it is still a broad landscape I suppose, it’s only really the sky which I haven’t done before. I would usually include the jetty or something else in the foreground. I knew it was going to be an awesome sunset and so I thought I’m just going to do the sky and that’s it. I think it came up pretty awesome myself. I haven’t really done much editing with this as the colours were just so cool already I didn’t really feel the need to do an awful lot.

Anyway’s here it is then.

March 26, 2011

Halls Head

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Here are a couple more shots from Halls Head. Another great spot and I only know about it thanks to the legendary Jamie Paterson who was awesome enough to let me tag along with him one day.

Halls Head is great because it has alot of reef there which is great fun, you have alot of different compositions to have a go at. I didn’t do so well the day I went out with Jamie so I went back again and these are a couple of those shots.


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