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August 10, 2012

Andrea Green Photography New Website & Blog

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry that I have not been posting for such a long time I have been flat out getting ready to launch my new website YEAH.

Then I can’t believe I got the dreaded flu that’s been going around. I’m not having a great winter, I never get much of anything and this winter I was not well in June and then now I have been the sickest I’ve ever been in my life and seriously I am SO not joking. I don’t know how far spread this flu is but I know that in Western Australia a lot of people are getting hit with it. The worst thing is that it is the full blown flu that knocks you for 6, and when I say 6 I think I mean 100. It is so bad it’s just not funny, then to top it off I ended up with bronchitis which a lot of people are getting from this flu. I’ve never been so sick and I now appreciate the fact that I am usually so healthy. Bronchitis is quite frightening, not being able to breathe properly is not a nice thing and it takes forever to go away. So in total I have been unwell for about 3 weeks. At least now I am just about back to my normal old self, woohoo.

So I would recommend dosing up on vitamin c, eat healthy, keep yourself warm, try to relax so you keep your stress levels down and give yourself a break! Just my suggestion for keeping flu free.

Anyway to get on with what I am really wanting to tell everyone, my new website and blog has been launched so please come on over and check it out. I will keep this blog for the time being until I can get everything changed over and then I will end up shutting it down.

My web address is and the new blog link is

Hope to see you all there to check out my new baby, maternity and landscape  posts that are coming.




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